Our Core Values

Terminal Operations Management Core Values


At Terminal Operations we proudly uphold the values of integrity, honesty, truthfulness and sincerity, while striving to remain fair and ethical in all situations.  The time and effort put into every relationship at every terminal stands true to our mission statement.  TOM is staffed by highly qualified, experienced individuals who, together as a team, fully understand and strive to exceed the expectations of our partners and their customers.



Terminal Operations firmly believes that a strong moral code is a key component towards earning trust in our company, both internally and externally.  We are steadfast in practicing and observing the ethical and moral principles we have set out in our values statement.


The success of Terminal Operations is largely dependent upon the partnerships we forge with our employees and with our customers.  We highly value and respect the people who make up our company and their commitment to excellence and service.  Recruiting, training, and retaining quality people are fundamental objectives of Terminal Operations.


Trust is part of the foundation that makes up Terminal Operations. It begins with our employees and depends on the reliance, partnerships, and successes we avail our customers.  Trust between our company and our customers manifests itself through common goals, respect, and always fulfilling our commitments.  Due to the trust we have built, both our employees and customers can rest easy knowing we will go the extra distance in meeting all of their needs.  To maintain this trust relationship, we uphold our values and always follow through on our commitments.


Safety is the cornerstone that shoulders Terminal Operation’s philosophy on operations.  We truly believe that a safe work place is “no accident” and all of our employees are totally dedicated to an accident, incident and injury free environment.  Safety is our culture from the top down.  We are committed to our employee’s safe return home every day through the innovative use of our safety training, tools, education, communication and accident prevention programs.